BT Sport and H&S use Joe Hart during the international break

International breaks are a great opportunity to give visibility to brands through the international players. These breaks are usually used to speak about the national teams and brands try to use the interviews that they have by contract to gain visibility during these periods. That’s precisely the case of BT Sport and H&S. Both brands took the opportunity to activate their partnership with England’s number 1, Joe Hart and to give some exposure to the brands.

BT Sport organized a photo shoot with the player and conceded an extensive interview to the magazine Sport in the UK. The interview was accompanied by some promotional images and, funny enough, it also shared space in the inside of the magazine with a H&S’ ad, also featuring Joe Hart.

Joe Hart_BT Sport33Different media discussed and covered the international break and, as we can see below these lines, H&S also took the opportunity to include some ads in other publications.

Joe Hart_HS

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