Cristiano shares his special edition

Cristiano_TagHeuer_coverPortuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo is the biggest athlete on social media and this is yet another great example of how brands take advantage of it whenever they can. In this occasion it was Tag Heuer, promoting the new special edition that the brand has designed, inspired by the Real Madrid star. Cristiano is very active on social media and with over 102m likes on Facebook, almost 35m followers on Twitter and more than 14m Instagram followers has become the biggest athlete ever on social media with a combined reach of more than 150m people.

This means that he not only is a fantastic athlete but also an excellent communications platform. Every time that Cristiano Ronaldo posts something he has the potential to reach millions of people. Moreover, Cristiano’s fans tend to engage actively with his posts and in these examples below we can see how he has received more than 1m likes across the different platforms. A great marketing platform for his partners to communicate with consumers and fans and to promote their products.

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