Reyes, Ibai, Arbeloa… Sharing their Adidas with Twitter

Arbeloa_AdidasMessi, Suárez, Bale or Benzema are some of the most well-known ambassadors of the German giant Adidas. However, not only the biggest ambassadors help the brand gain visibility and raise awareness. Adidas has hundreds of football ambassadors and many of them are actively helping the brand through their social media accounts. Thus, players like Jordi Alba, José Antonio Reyes, Ibai Gómez or Jesús Fernández also contribute to the growth of the brand despite not featuring in Adidas’ biggest campaigns. Social Media it’s a powerful marketing platform and very helpful when it comes to reaching a wide audience and giving visibility to a brand. Nowadays, most of the brands use platforms like Twitter to promote their products and engagement levels are usually positive.


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