Olivier Giroud goes micro with Sony


Sony has partnered with Arsenal and France international footballer Olivier Giroud for its latest ‘Microtising’ campaign to highlight the superior colour and detail of 4K TV technology.

The latest ‘Microtising’ campaign will see the Sony and 4K logo branded onto the studs of Giroud’s boots in a bid to highlight the quality and clarity of the beautiful game that can only be seen on Sony 4K TV technology.

Sony claims with this new campaign that “With the picture quality of Sony 4K Ultra HD TVs displaying such high levels of detail, adverts no longer need to be as big as before and this new medium can sit alongside more traditional hoarding and billboards to showcase 4K technology to fans watching the beautiful game”.

We will have to see if the idea is well received but it’s a creative initiative by Sony, that’s for sure.

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