PSG star launches Varner Ibrahimovic AS


Following the steps of other players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Paris Saint-Germain striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic –who can add this one to his recent deals with Volvo and Vitamin Well– announced by the end of the year that he will launch his own sportswear brand together with Scandinavian retail chain Dressmann.

Both parties have signed a long-term agreement and have established the company as Varner Ibrahimovic AS. The purpose of the partnership is to develop a sportswear brand.

“‘We are incredibly proud to have formed a link with one of the world’s greatest sports personalities,” said Dressmann managing director Petter Varner. “His performance on the football field speaks for itself and we have great respect for his commitment and values.”

The 33-year-old striker, meanwhile, is looking forward to the start of his latest project.

“For me, it feels great to start a company with Dressmann,” he said. “The company culture and their winning mentality suits me perfectly. Dressmann is a brand for the people and that made the choice of a partner easy for me.”

Dressmann is a leading retail brand in Scandinavia, with 380 stores across Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Germany, where Zlatan Ibrahimovic is having great commercial success -after keeping a low commercial profile for many years- with brands from the area.

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