James Rodriguez gets dressed

James Rodriguez_Bronzini BlackBronzini Black chooses James Rodriguez to promote their clothes

Real Madrid’s James Rodriguez is the new face of the brand Black Bronzini, belonging to Colombian “Grupo Éxito”. The brand designs pajamas and underwear for women, men, boys and girls.

James Rodriguez is already capitalizing his new status as a World Class player with this new endorsement deal. The brand has carefully selected James to be the image of the brand as the VP of the group, Martin Nova, explained: “We chose James Rodriguez as Black Bronzini image because he is a stylish man, confident and surprising at all times”.

The endorsement deal included a photo shoot and will target Colombian consumers as the first collection, under the name J10, will go on sale in 47 cities in Colombia.

Once again as we have seen in the past with David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Didier Drogba, Fredrik Ljunberg, Messi, etc., a fashion (underwear) brand chooses a football player for their marketing campaigns.

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