Neymar and Messi reunited with Mastercard’s Red Ball

They haven’t played together since Neymar Jr. moved to Paris Saint Germain two seasons ago. However, Mastercard found a way of reuniting them in their latest Champions League commercial featuring also three other stars like Dan Carter and Bryan Habana (rugby), Valeri Kamensky (hockey), Ana Ivanovic (tennis) and Annika Sorenstam (golf). This amazing line-up by Mastercard use their Mastercard tap-and-go payment products to chase a red ball across continents and cultures to ensure it get back to its owner.

The campaign’s motive is “Together everything is possible” #StartSomethingPriceless. The commercial starts with Neymar’s offering himself to chase the Red Ball lost by a girl and falling into the underground. Each of the sporting stars use their specific talent to hit the ball and help it make all the way back to its owner’s hands.

Both Neymar and Messi show again their commercial face: natural and fun. PSG and Barcelona strikers are also shining off the field working with top brands and doing it with excellence.

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