Ronaldo’s impressive transformation for MEO

How will Cristiano Ronaldo remember his greatest moments wearing the jersey of Portugal? The telecommunications service MEO, an official partner of the Portuguese national team and Cristiano Ronaldo himself, tries out going a few years into the future. Lights open at the stadium where an old Ronaldo, with white hair and a few more years, appears at the centre circle and starts explaining how the glorious Portuguese team won the FIFA World Cup in Russia. Reality was a bit different when they were knocked-out by Uruguay in the round of 16, but as MEO claims “Sonhar é human” (To Dream is Human)

Team-mates Ricardo Quarsema, Bruno Alves and William Carvalho join the party. However, Cristiano Ronaldo‘s transformation for MEO is the most impressive. 

“I remember everything like it was today”, says Cristiano in the advert. “The play, the minute of the goal, the faces of each one of us…”.  To dream is human! You can see the TVC above these lines. He also took the opportunity to share the campaign with his fans on social media, where thanks to his huge following (133m followers on Instagram) he got more than 4m views in just a few days, giving great visibility to MEO.




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