Impressive Kun’s Social Media profile

20140516_131725The power of Social Media platforms is huge among football players

Celebrities and football players use Social Media platforms to promote their sponsors and to interact with their fans. Different players have different reaches but Kun Aguero recently proved that there are loads of fans that are always keen to hear about him.

During his recent trip to Singapore for a promotional campaign with Singtel, he posted a few pictures in Facebook that were largely acknowledged and shared by his fans. He posted four different pictures that were “liked” and seen by an incredibly large number of fans in just 24 hours:


Picture of Kun Aguero and Rio Ferdinand in the radio station: Seen by 714496 people; got 36439 likes

Aguero Radio

Picture of Kun Aguero and Rio Ferdinand after their Taichi lesson: Seen by 559360 people; got 26610 likes

Aguero Tai Chi

Picture of Kun Aguero and Rio Ferdinand tasting Hawker food: Seen by 682496 people; got 34301 likes

Aguero Food

Picture of Kun Aguero presenting his new PUMA for the World Cup: Seen by 1731584 people; got 89052 likes

Aguero Botas



The last one, being the most popular picture of the 4 that he posted, was seen by more than 1.7m fans and received more than 89k “likes” in only 24 hours.

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