Cristiano Ronaldo has a chat with Sophia

Robots and AI will dominate the world in the future and MEO brings as a good example in the brand’s newest campaign with Cristiano Ronaldo. The Real Madrid star has been working with Portuguese brand MEO for the last years and we have seen a number of interesting and original ads over the time. In the last one, Cristiano Ronaldo meets Sophia, a very special robot, to promote one of the newest products, the MEOBox 4K WiFi, which is coincidentally called Sofia. Meeting a football idol in person can be surprising and Sophia also has some opinions of her own! You can see the video above these lines.

The player took the opportunity to share the video on his official accounts and gave some great visibility to the Portuguese brand. Cristiano Ronaldo is the biggest athlete on social media with 122m followers on Instagram and another 122m on Facebook. He shared the video on both platforms and obtained impressive results! MEO will be happy seeing that the video was watched more than 6m times in just a few hours on Cristiano’s Instagram (On his Instagram account you can watch the video with English subtitles)!


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