Close and personal with Gerard Piqué and The Player’s Tribune


FC Barcelona star and businessman Gerard Piqué, embarked on a new adventure a few months ago when he declared that he wanted sports journalism to be more transparent and made for the players and by the players. He became a contributor on The Player’s Tribune, a publication which has become popular for its close and personal interviews with athletes from all around the world, and he has launched his very own series of video interviews. In each episode of Piqué+, Gerard provides an inside look at his relationships with players from around the world through 1-on-1 interviews. Together, they dive into their personal journeys to the pinnacle of their sport and reveal sides of each other that fans don’t often see. The most popular videos so far have been with his teammates (or former teammates) Luis Suárez, Javier Mascherano and Neymar.

Luis Suárez:

Javier Mascherano:


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