Iniesta plays the other football with UFX


Back in June 2017, Spanish star Andrés Iniesta signed a 2-year contract with UFX to become the global ambassador of the online trading brand. The company declared then that Iniesta would be an integral part of UFX’s online campaign and marketing efforts, helping the company reach a wider global audience, and in 2018 the company has launched their first TVC with the player. Below these lines you can watch Iniesta playing American football and stepping out of his comfort zone… There is a first time for everything!

Iniesta is known as the most decorated Spanish player in history, and is considered by many sports fans and insiders as one of the best midfielders in history, but he is also a very relatable and down to earth celebrity. He is also an impressive communications platform with more than 70 million followers on social media, where he can will give high visibility to UFX and raise awareness for the brand. Only with an Instagram post sharing the TVC, he managed to get more than 1.5m people watching the commercial!


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