Neymar ads TCL to his portfolio of partners


Brazilian star Neymar was recently unveiled as a global brand ambassador for Chinese electronics brand TCL. The endorsement deal runs for two years and will see the 26-year-old star in TCL television and print commercials to promote the company’s TCL Multimedia TV business and household appliances. He will also participate in various online and offline marketing campaigns for the brand and will work with TCL on a series of charity-focused initiatives.

The deal is the latest personal endorsement signed by Neymar, who teamed up with mobile technology company Digible in January to launch a new app, building on his agreements in 2017 with Brazilian coffee brand Pilão and domestic smartphone manufacturer Quantum.


“I am thrilled to be partnering with TCL,” said Neymar. “It was an easy decision for me. I share similar values with TCL – the constant pursuit of excellence and great results in every game and I’m excited to work closely with TCL and support the company’s efforts to bring the global sports community together through football.”

“We are delighted to welcome this outstanding, talented young athlete to the TCL family,” added Tomson Li, chairman and chief executive of TCL Corporation. “Neymar Jr is truly a global sports icon who inspires fans to strive to reach the ultimate standards of excellence, just as TCL constantly strives for excellence in technological and product innovation”.

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