ByTarifa ejoys a delicious treat with Nocilla

Nocilla is one of the most popular brands amongst chocolate fans in Spain. Every chocolate lover in the country knows about Nocilla and the brand’s delicious chocolate cream. The brand is constantly reinventing itself and creating new products to engage with consumers, and what can be better than working with one of the most popular youtubers in Spain to give visibility to the new products? With more than 3m subscribers on his channel, byTarifa was chosen by Nocilla to promote the new Pokemon containers. The brand created an app, through which you can scan the pictures on the containers and win prizes and byTarifa put it to the test.

For this video with Nocilla, the popular youtuber created the biggest pancakes that he possibly could and explained how the new promotion worked, while enjoying a delicious snack with Nocilla. The video, which can be seen above these lines, was fun and entertaining and it reached an spectacular 3.6m views in two months, to become a #10 most popular video on byTarifa’s channel! Incredible achievement for a branded video!

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