Gareth Bale pushes himself with Altitude Mask


Real Madrid star Gareth Bale and IBF heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua where recently announced as the new brand ambassadors of Altitude Mask. Both athletes will promote its line of state of the art resistance masks which are designed to improve endurance and raise levels of fitness by boosting the body’s cardiovascular processes and oxygen intake, and in turn reducing training time.

The product has been developed and marketed in Dubai since 2014, and one of the men behind Altitude Mask believes constant innovation has ensured it is fit to be used by world class athletes like Bale and Joshua.

Gareth Bale announced this new partnership on his official social media accounts and has uploaded a couple more pictures in the past few weeks. With millions of followers on social media (+29m on Instagram alone), an athlete like Bale is a fantastic platform to give visibility to any brand and to help raise awareness about its products.


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