Primetubers’ Top Eleven

The Primetubers DoctorePollo, Spursito, IamSteve, Delantero09 and Xbuyer were selected by Top Eleven to promote the popular game in Spain. Top Eleven is an online football manager simulation game, is one of the most played online football games since it came out in 2010. Manchester United’s manager, José Mourinho, is the main image for all their advertising and the face of the game all around the world.

Each of the Primetubers created a video to promote the game and they published all the videos on their respective Youtube channels. The videos were very simple but helped the brand to gain visibility and to reach a large chunk of millenials, who follow our Primetubers on their Youtube channels. As you can see in the example above these lines, the videos consisted of a tutorial showing how to download the game and how to start playing. The 5 videos combined reached over 300k views in a few days.

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