Griezmann & Bolt stay fresh with Puma

puma-antoine-griezmann-usain-bolt-720x351Puma has brought together two of its best athletes to launch the brand’s new deodorant. The French football star Antoine Griezmann has been shining in the past two seasons, under Simeone at Atlético de Madrid, and he was in fact voted as the best player of the Euro 2016, last summer. Usain Bolt, on the other hand, is one of those athletes who doesn’t need an introduction. Although their field of expertise is different, they both share something very special: a unique way to celebrate their triumphs. Another point in common: the two athletes have had outstanding performances during this past summer, and they have been all over the media ever since.

Puma is making the most of this, by using them as the image of its latest campaign. In the advert, we can see them working, winning and celebrating. At the end of the clip, the French international jumps into a pool and celebrates it with Bolt’s victory sign. Shortly after, it is the sprinter who walks in and uses Griezmann‘s sign, as you can see above these lines.

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