A milestone for Primetubers: Our channel reaches 1 million views

Our YouTube channel Primetubers has reached an important first milestone: 1 million views. Since the channel was launched the past 22th of February it has incorporated different kinds of content and it’s growing fast: the most funny match broadcasts, commercial actions with top brands, football challenges, the craziest curiosities surrounding football and the main football competitions from a different point of view. A new way to enjoy football.

The key of this success is the Primetubers talent, including DjMaRiiO, DoctorePollo, Cacho01, Tobbalink, Pumuscor and SteveTheGamer and also the fans that support their idols unconditionally.

The numbers are growing rapidly and Primetubers has come to be the new fun and young channel for football lovers on Youtube. With very strong and ambitious plans, the channel reached 300,000 visits during the week  thanks to several videos ahead of the European tournament and intends to keep growing to entertain each and every football fan who is looking for a different way of enjoying the most popular sport in the world.

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