In Milan with MasterCard and the Primetubers

Our Primetubers had the opportunity to attend the Champions League final at San Siro Stadium in Milan and enjoyed the environment with fans at the MasterCard stand. It was a fantastic experience for both the Primetubers and the brand, which saw how the stand that they had prepared in Milan was packed with football fans and people who wanted to say hi to their digital idols and enjoy all the things that MasterCard had prepared.

The six Primetubers had a great time and not only they met fans and subscribers but they had the chance to meet a real football legend as well… They shared unique videos of their experience at the MasterCard stand in their own channels reaching a total of 1.4 milion views and 80,000 likes. Along with branded tweets which got 833,000 impressions on Twitter.

Primetubers had a blast as you can see in the tweet below:

Primetubers in Milan

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