Ibrahimovic goes from A to Z with his new brand of sports wear

Former PSG player Zlatan Ibrahimovic has finally announced it. The Swedish star has been one of the most influent ambassadors for Nike for a long time but he has decided to make plans of his own. After some teasers and announcements the football superstar officially launched the past 7th of June his own brand of sports wear A-Z.

A-Z – short from amateur to Zlatan – is a joint idea of the footballer and Varner, the Norwegian clothing giant. Both came together and found they had ideas and values in common and could work together to give rise to what is now this new brand.

You can see the announcement on his official Instagram account under these lines:

Zlatan - AZ Instagram

The launch was complemented with an emotional video – that you can see below – which encourages users of the brand to “conquer what has not been conquered” to “not show weakness” and “never give up”. “No one can tell you who you are or who you can become” listening to the voice of Zlatan.

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