Volvo and Zlatan are Made by Sweden

When there is a strong bond between brands and ambassadors, marketing campaigns have a bigger impact. The Swedish car manufacturer Volvo has released a new emotional campaign, which can be seen above these lines, with his most famous global ambassador, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The former Paris Saint Germain player will be the captain of the Swedish National Team during the EURO 2016 and Volvo has taken the opportunity to launch a campaign in which he remembers his origins and his hard work to get to be one the best football players worldwide.

“The campaign is a celebration of the independent mind, of the power that lies in the ability to think differently. There are many similarities between Zlatan’s and Volvo’s journeys. We haven’t got to where we are now by doing the same as everyone else,” said Anders Gustafsson, senior vice president of Volvo for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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