The future is here with Dormity and Andrés Iniesta

DormityIt’s not strange to see football stars taking part in strange marketing campaigns. FC Barcelona’s player Andrés Iniesta and Real Madrid’s basketball star Sergio Llull are the latest ones to join this list. Both athletes have been chosen to test the system reliability prescription mattress custom designed by the company, with a strong presence in Catalonia with more than 40 stores, they started the expansion to the Basque Country last year.

To launch this pioneering system in prescribing personalized comfort , the company has enjoyed the backing of two sports stars with opposite physique . On the one hand, Andrés Iniesta is 1’70m tall and with a total weight of 68kg. And the other, Sergio Llull, of 1’90m height and weight 92kg. Both players have been used in the TVC of Dormity and across other platforms (e.g. social media or the company’s website).

You can see the ad under these lines:

David Sanchez, CEO of, “the custom mattress is a pioneer and unique project , and Dormity represents a quantum leap in our value proposition to our customers, since we have gone from selling mattresses to sell rest”.

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