Desailly joins La Révolution with Carlsberg

French football legend Marcel Desailly is the star of the new Carlsberg ad for its new campaign for the EURO 2016 to be held in France during the next month.

In the video under these lines you can watch the extended version of the ad, in which fans from every nation claim for their rights to get tickets under the motto “Liberté, Egalité, Footballité” in a clear reference to the French Revolution.

Richard Whitty, senior marketing manager football at Carlsberg, said: “We felt it was time for a revolution in the game, so this UEFA Euro 2016 we’ll be doing football better for fans.”

With the aim of centering all the attention to fans Carlsberg will activate some actions like giving away more tickets than ever before and set a contest to vote for the Carlsberg man of the match, giving the fans the chance to watch the semi-final and play on the same pitch the day after.

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