Casillas & Oscar protect themselves from the dark side with Storelli

International football players Iker Casillas and Oscar have just signed an endorsement deal with Storelli – a sport technology start-up focused in sports wear specifically designed to prevent injuries.

Claudio Storelli, founder and CEO of Storelli, said: “Sometimes the beautiful game can be quite ugly and protection against injuries from contusions, lacerations and turf burns is crucial to keep players on the pitch and focused on the game. In football there is so much innovation when it comes to footwear and kits, yet little when it comes to protection.”

In the ad of the campaign called “The Dark Side of the Beautiful Game” we can see both players going to train into what looks like a fight club, to reveal later on that it is all about football training. You can see the video below:

Iker Casillas posted the action on his personal Instagram account:

Casillas - Storelli

Oscar also posted the action on his personal Instagram account:

Oscar - Storelli instagram

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