Suárez breaks his routine with Pepsi

FC Barcelona striker Luis Suárez is the star of the new Pepsi TVC in Urugay. On this occasion the international Uruguayan shows his comic side and a virtual Luis Suárez gets out of the videogame to come to live and encourage the teenager who was playing to get out on the street and have fun doing different things with him.

After doing some activities like record themselves in Snapchat, they decide to stop in a shop to have some refreshments. The boy goes to a red fridge – in clear reference to the brand’s biggest rival Coca-Cola – and Suárez stops him and tells him to go to the blue one – the Pepsi one. This part of the ad has caused some controversy because it can be easily understood like an attack to its competition.


The campaign promotes the 1.5-liter bottles in which consumers can win a trip to Barcelona to meet Luis Suárez as part of the campaign and the player took the opportunity to announce the new campaign on his social media accounts.

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