Iniesta keeps sharp with Cuchillos Arcos

Barça’s player Andrés Iniesta is the face of Cuchillos Arcos for the third consecutive year.

This personal endorsement has a special meaning for the Spanish international as both of them are from Albacete, a small region in the South of Spain. ” I know Arcos since I was a little boy. We are from the same land and I have always used these knifes. They are a perfect tool for cooking.” Iniesta said when they signed their first contract.

In the video above these lines you can see the latest of the four video capsules Cuchillos Arcos presented at the launch of the brand’s campaign “Cooking With You” in which Iniesta has uncovered different facets of his professional and personal life with 3 Michelin star chef Quique Dacosta. In the video, the two cracks talk about their achievements and the importance of team work to get them.

Iniesta shared this new video on his personal Instagram account.



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