Primetubers TV: a new channel has been born

Young generations have replaced traditional TV by the Internet – where they can find the content they want when they want it – and during the last years this tendency has been confirmed.

At Prime Time Sport we see it as an opportunity and taking advantage of our expertise working with Youtubers and our knowledge in YouTube, we have created a new YouTube channel under the brand of Primetubers (Prime Time Sport’s Youtubers).

Primetubers is a YouTube channel specialized on football on streaming with our main FIFA Youtubers: DjMaRiiO, DoctorePollo, Cacho01, Tobbalink and Pumuscor amongst others. In the channel you’ll find results of La Liga, Champions League, Copa del Rey and also TOTY, MOMY, IF and extra content related to football and eSPorts.

Visit our channel:

You will find us in Twitter: @Prime_tubers

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