Kiko Casilla steps forward with Cortefiel

Real Madrid’s goakeeper, Kiko Casilla, was chosen by Cortefiel to innaugurate the new Cortefiel “Flagship Store” in Madrid. He attended an event which was covered by diferent media, thus giving great visibility to the brand when it was later published on diferent newspapers. Kiko is certainly not as popular as Cristiano Ronaldo or Sergio Ramos, but an interview with a Real Madrid player is always interesting no matter who the player is and a fantastic opportunity for brands to gain exposure. On this occasion, Kiko Casilla confirmed his great personal moment at Real Madrid, after coming back to the club where he was formed as a football player.

“After arriving to Real Madrid at 14, then leaving and coming back after some years, having the opportunity to be Real Madrid’s goalkeeper is a dream that came true” he said about his debut last October against UD Las Palmas.

Real Madrid’s goalkeeper, explained that he is feeling really comfortable in this new stage while posing in front of the media with a suit by Cortefiel, and he also emphasized the excellent relation he has with Keylor Navas, with whom they make “a good team”

“We make a good team, we know each other from our period in the Second Division and that is really helpful for us. We have a good understanding and we help each other, what is good for us and for the team”, he said.

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