José Mourinho recommends 4move

Jose Mourinho_4Move2José Mourinho has signed yet another personal sponsorship with Polish food manufacturer FoodCare. He will star in the newest sports marketing campaign by the brand, entitled “The best coaches recommend”.

The Portuguese manager lives his second stint on the bench of Stamford Bridge. Mourinho is one of the world’s most renowned managers, reason for many companies to choose him as a brand ambassador: Hublot, Yahoo, Jaguar or BT Sport.

The image of Mourinho, specifically his face, serve to promote the new sports drink of the Polish company, 4Move, which in the past had already worked with athletes and celebrities such as former Formula One driver Robert Kubica (who is Polish like the brand) and former boxer Mike Tyson.

The extraordinary will to fight, persistence and constant effort towards success are the common values that best reflect the character of Mourinho and 4Move.

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